2012 Formula 1 Season Begins! Good Luck Lewis!

Lewis Hamilton

The 2012 Formula 1 season has officially started! I for one will be wishing Lewis Hamilton the very best of luck this year; he had his fair share of bad luck last year that’s for sure.

I am also willing to put my money where my mouth is (as little as I can afford, anyway) and take from my wallet a fiver that says Lewis will finish the championship ahead of Jenson this year!

If anyone out there is foolish enough to take my bet, please leave a note in the comments!




PS: I don’t have anything against Jenson Button – I support him in F1 as well.  I just think Lewis has an edge over him in terms of racing ability 🙂

Jenson & Lewis



3 responses to “2012 Formula 1 Season Begins! Good Luck Lewis!”

  1. So Lewis is now 2nd on the leaderboard! The championship is still just about within reach!

    Unfortunately Fernando seems to be a lucky little git. Even when he has tough races and performs poorly he still seems to be able to rescue good points from them and his nearest rivals always seem to end up worse off than him in those cases too, so he ends up with a net benefit!
    Last race he finished only 3rd and yet somehow he manages to increase his championship lead! It’s madness.

    Still, the championship isn’t won yet. We need McLaren to up their game for the remaining races. If they do, Lewis could still win it!

    • Oh now you’ll take the bet! Now that Jenson already has a head start!

      But okay, I accept. But… when I win I don’t feel like I’ll be able to take your money off you (it has something to do with you being a girl… sexist I know) so how about this; when I win you have to buy me a gift with a value of approximately £5. And a pie.

      If, in the incredibly unlikely event that you win, I agree to buy you a gift and a pie:)


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