goes live

My website has officially gone live!

It was a right pain in the backside converting from a locally hosted site to a server hosted one.  I wanted to be able to just copy all my local files over to the server and job done, but that so wasn’t the case.  Eventually I discovered the export and import tools, but even they were far from fool-proof.  Lots of things were still not working even after I’d imported my local site content and copied the modified child theme across.  That part of wordpress sucks.  But, it’s up now and the site is mostly working! I have noticed a few more niggly things that I want to change though, so I’ll have to delve back into the php code another time to change those.

Now to start adding my old content back…

2 responses to “ goes live”

  1. Okay, the featured images are now working. I’m not entirely certain how I fixed it actually, as I broke my own troubleshooting golden rule: I changed more than one thing at a time. Darn!

  2. Okay, actually there are a few more things not working. My featured images don’t work and neither does my author box.

    Jeez, why can’t I just copy my old local site over and have it work? This is a right nightmare.

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