Category: Fault DIagnosis

  • Repair of Samsung LE40M86BD Television (power cycling)

    Introduction Recently I have had cause for complaint with our Samsung LE40M86BD LCD Television.  It had been working just fine, and then all of a sudden it developed a power-cycling problem.  The symptom is as follows: From power-on, the TV works perfectly for around 10 minutes. After a while the TV switches itself to standby, […]

  • Panasonic AE700 Projector Diagnosis & Repair

    In the tinkering cave this week we have a Panasonic AE700 HD Projector. These units are pretty old now, but they come highly recommended in many online reviews and the HDMI support means they remain a useful home cinema option. The unit was first presented to me by a work colleague who complained that the […]

  • JVC TH-S5 Diagnosis and Repair

    Symptoms I’ve owned the JVC TH-S5 home theatre system for many years.  It could be as much as 8 or 9 years.  In all that time it’s been a reliable machine, although to be fair it’s also had quite an easy life; I don’t watch much TV (what self-respecting Engineer and tinkerer has time for […]