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  1. Dear Brian Hoskins,
    I too have an iOmega ix2 storcenter with 2x2TB seagate drives. When I bought this all I wanted was 2 separate HDs, 1 to back up PC data & the other iMac data (I didn’t know about RAID drives so was unprepared when I quickly put the unit into service).
    Now, 1 or both HDs have failed due to frequent power outages whilst running so that the unit will not boot. I have purchased 2 new Seagate baracuda 2TB HDs but would now like to mount them as simple external drives to use as I originally intended with 1 using Time Machine. I was hoping to find a block diagram that would show me what components are within to assess what could be retained and what needs to be replaced.
    In the process of searching the web I did find instructions on how to reboot after the loss of both drives as the storcenter will not do this alone – (I also have no record of the admin password) this involves emulating the inbuilt iOmega operating system with Linux in order to give the boot commands. I would still prefer the 2 x ext drive.
    Can you help in any way?

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